Diaphanous is an exploration in facade panels + responsive skins.

In the x, y, and z directions, dramatic geometric change is achieved with only very small mechanical movements. (Using four small, 6-volt servo motors with arm extensions)
In the second chapter of this video, we see Diaphanous respond to wind. The folded design of the polypropylene gives the surface enough stiffness to resist deflection in the wind, but enough flexibility to accommodate its large range of motion.
The wind sensor shown is built from a single circuit with 4 reed-switch controlled paths. Each reed-switch is associated with a different resistor value. As the wind sensor rotates, it turns a magnet around its axis, activating the individual reed-switches consecutively. In this way,
the attached arduino is able to interpret the sequence of voltage change into a reading of wind direction.

Mary Katherine Heinrich, Agneszka Janusz, Katerina Rogynska




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